South Street Players at Wesley Hall

Tri-State Theatre Festival

The TSTF is back — now in its 8th year!

Friday, October 19, 8pm
  Saturday, October 20, 8pm
  Sunday, October 21, 2pm

8th Annual Tri-State Theatre Festival
Produced by SSP Board Member Rob Sullivan
SSP will present another fan favorite — the one, the only, the original, Tri-State Theatre Festival — now back for its 8th year! SSP will showcase the best new short plays written by local writers from New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. The festival typically receives about 300 entries annually and features a unique collection of short comedies and dramas designed to entertain and engage audiences. And don’t forget, after every performance, you have the option to stick around and “meet the artists” – a live Q&A with playwrights, actors and directors!

This event also serves as a fundraiser, with proceeds helping us maintain our commitment to producing high-quality, engaging theatrical experiences this season & beyond.

Ticket prices are:

    $15 - adults
    $10 - senior citizens and
    children under 12
For ticket reservations, please call our
Special TSTF Reservation Number:

October 2018

Oct 19 - 8pm

Oct 20 - 8pm
Oct 21 - 2pm

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